maandag 2 januari 2012

La cerveza belga: la mejor del mundo según The Economist

Un reportaje en la revista prestigiosa The Economist explica porqué Bélgica, a pesar de ser uno de los países más pequeños de Europa, tiene la fama de hacer la mejor cerveza del mundo.

 Belgian beer

How a small, unremarkable country came to dominate the world of beermaking

 THE Trappist Abbey of St Sixtus of Westvleteren has little to offer those wishing to gawp at ecclesiastical architecture. The 19th-century buildings—squat, brick and functional—sit on a quiet country lane amid flat farmland, close to Belgium’s border with France. Yet the vast visitors’ car park is a clue that some people nevertheless consider the abbey worth a trip. For beer lovers, St Sixtus is a place of pilgrimage.
The abbey and its most famous brew, Westvleteren 12—a dark, strong ale—have taken first or second place in an annual poll of beer enthusiasts’ favourite tipples by, a widely trusted reviewing website, for the whole decade that the survey has been running. Yet exactly how the American drinkers who predominate on the site get to knock back a Westvleteren 12 is something of a mystery.

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