dinsdag 8 juli 2014

11 juli, Vlaamse feestdag

Het wordt door VIW gevierd met een schrijfwedstrijd. Elke expat mocht meedoen. Een bloemlezing van hoe andere culturen naar Vlaanderen kijken en hoe Vlaanderen buiten rondom de wereld inkijkt.

In May 2014 the carcass of a sperm whale was up for sale on eBay. Surreal! Digital may well be the new normal, according to Peter Hinssen, I do not find this normal. eBay took the poor animal of the auction after half a day, plenty of time for a 'homo sapiens virtualis' to bring out a bid of more than $ 2,000 for the remains of a 12 meter long sperm whale. The animal had stranded in Canada near the town of Cap-Saint- Georges.
After more than 12 years of living and working abroad we are stranded in Flanders again. That's pretty surreal too! We’re a bit lost, we’re walking around with a huge head filled with exotic experiences. The expat experience has shaped us and given us our current identity.
You notice it in our home immediately, the different styles fit well together. Our Swahili furniture stands perfectly alongside the Vietnamese red lacquer cabinet, a painting by Damiano Msagula hangs perfectly alongside the artwork of Do Tuan Anh, etc.
Also, each object comes with a fabulous story (at least that is what we think), that is somewhat different than the Ikea furniture in many homes in Flanders. Not only our house breathes that rich multi-culture, you can notice it in everything we do or say. By combining different cultures as it were, we have created a third culture or a shared culture and this is our new normal.

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